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Are metadescriptions important for SEO?

Metadescriptions get you traffic.

Metadescriptions are really important for SEO.

They’re the bit of text you see in a google search results page that tells you more about the link before you click on it. They’re usually about 2 sentences long.

This piece of text is your one chance as a business owner to persuade someone to click on your search result rather than the one above or below.

It’s an opportunity to let readers know exactly what they will learn if they click on this link. The more useful, and the more closely related to their original search query, the more likely they will be to click on it.

It’s immensely POWERFUL piece of content. But it’s very often overlooked.

If you can make your metadescription compelling, people are more likely to click on your result and visit your website, rather than your competitors.

If there are only two things to remember about writing a good metadescription, try these:

  1. Be sure to include your industry and location (e.g. Boston photographer, Somerville dentist, Austin Attorney).

  2. Make your content relevant, useful, and enticing for your audience.

Writing metadescriptions isn’t always the most creative or fun part of a project, but they can be incredibly powerful.

Every single page on your website should have its own metadescription.

Lots of business owners miss out on tailoring this important piece of marketing real estate because most website platforms systems that automatically pull text from the content of the page if you don’t manually enter text into the ‘metadescription’ area of your website.


So if you don’t have metadescriptions on your site today, I would highly recommend you go through the 5-8 most important pages on your website and add metadescriptions if you don’t already have them.

It can take as little as 20 minutes to do, and has a potentially significant impact on the likelihood of someone clicking on your website links rather than someone else’s.

Good luck!


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