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You've got to have a plan

Content strategy services

Running an business company can be SUPER fun. And SUPER hard.

I know from personal experience that there are times when you just want someone else to come up with a plan: or to tell you what to do next, so you don't have to make all the decisions, all the time.

Brand voice and content determines so much of how your sales process works. It informs the layout of your website, the structure of your sales funnels, and how and where you interact with your potential customers.

I love nothing more than working with startups and ambitious businesses who understand the true power of content and copywriting, and who are itching to unlock that next level of growth.

Here's how we would work together on a content strategy project:

  • Understand your brand and goals for your website and business.

  • Clarify your brand voice and messaging.

  • Review of the existing website and content.

  • Wireframes to demonstrate changes to existing pages 

  • Wireframes for new pages.

  • On-page funnel design.

  • Email campaign strategy.

  • SEO optimization of your site.

  • Organic and paid social media content strategy.

My content strategy experience

I've been publishing my own websites for over 20 years, and I've worked intensively with online content for the almost all that time. I earned my very first $1 online way back in 2009 from my first commercial blog.

I've been a writer and editor for some of the most prestigious publishing houses in the world. I've researched and developed entire series. I've worked directly with Google's SEO team on one of the most highly-trafficked websites in the UK. 

So you know I can write. But can I sell?

Well I couldn't... yet. But that's when the story gets interesting.

I then took a massive leap and started building my own eCommerce company. I worked on it for 6 years, and my company became one of the leading online businesses in its category in the UK. 

After making lots of mistakes and getting things wrong a lot of the time in the early days, I learned how to make sales. And we quickly started making millions of dollars in revenue, all thanks to content that I had generated.

I was able to build a website and email campaigns with far above industry-standard conversion rate, and and open rates.

Along the way, by using the SEO knowledge I already had, and consistently creating unique, high quality content, I built a site that attracted 45k visitors a month and was ranked for over 250 terms in first position on Google.

Here are some of my proudest achievements, all achieved through having exceptional content and copy in place:​

  • Achieved above-industry-average website conversion rate.

  • Achieved above average email open rates and conversion rates.

  • Doubled conversion rate of a company through website redesign and addition of strategic upsells.

  • Increased LTV of customers by 100% over course of 12 months.

  • Increased AOV of a company by 50% over 3 months.

  • Reduced CPA by 75% over 6 months.

  • Winner 2021 Great British Entrepreneur of the Year, Startups (Midlands).

Need some breathing space?

I can help restore some balance to your life and business.

I offer a range of Content services that can be tailored to your business. No job is too big or too small! Drop me a line to see how we can work together.

Rock Balancing

Free SEO blog post template

Get the exact Search-Engine-Optimized blog template that I used to build my site to 45k organic monthly visitors.

As well as occasional nuggets of wisdom from me.

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