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What is 'Aloha'?

So what's the inspiration behind the name 'Aloha Life Digital'?

Most of us know the word 'Aloha' as a Hawaiian greeting. But it's so much more than that.

'Aloha' is an expression that conveys love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Its literal meaning is also 'breath', or 'the existence of breath'. 

So when you wish someone 'aloha', you're doing far more than just saying 'hello', or 'goodbye'. You're bestowing on them love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy.

What a lot for such a little word!

Why 'Aloha Life'?

'Aloha life' is a way of living, a way of being that is calm, tranquil, and that appreciates the beauty in nature, in other people, and prioritises kindness.

The feeling of calm and serenity you get when living 'with Aloha' is something that can be really hard to find as a business owner, or busy marketer, especially when you're growing. Sometimes it can feel like there's nothing but pressure coming from all directions: finances, customers, suppliers, staff, family. Not to mention the pressure you pile on yourself. I know this first hand from running my own businesses over the past ten years.

As a business owner, when you're hiring a new supplier, you need to know that that supplier is going to cause less stress and effort than you were putting in before you hired them.

This is what I strive to offer with Aloha Life Digital: a little window of serenity from an otherwise stressful work environment. I want to make your business (and hopefully also your life as a result!) feel more 'Aloha'. I want to bring more 'Aloha' to your life.

This article gives a beautiful description of 'Living with Aloha', if you want to know more.

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