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SEO services

Let's get you
found in Google

You've worked so hard on your business.

Now let's make sure the world can find you.

Here's how we can get your business ranking higher in Google.

Full service SEO packages

We do our most impactful work with clients who work with us on an ongoing basis.

This is what's included:

  • SEO and keyword strategy

  • Enhancement of existing keywords

  • Development of new target keywords

  • On-page SEO (we would implement everything for you, so you wouldn't need to do anything to your website at all - we would handle everything).

  • Programmatic SEO - we build out new location pages and content to support those locations as needed

  • Full backlinking strategy & implementation

  • SEO press releases (roughly one every 2-3 months, depending on results)

  • Citation management (we get your business into lots of online directories)

  • Website health management

  • Troubleshooting as needed

  • New SEO content creation as needed

  • Monthly reporting.

Price depends on the population of the geographical area being targeted and competitiveness of the search terms we choose to target.

Prices start at $2000/month.

Ad hoc SEO services

Communicate with Google

Get your website talking Google's language. Let's get you into the search results.

  • Keyword research

  • On-page SEO

  • Technical fixes

  • Google Analytics setup (if needed)

  • Google Search Console setup (if needed)

Get your business on the map

If local audience is important for your business, this is how we start to get you noticed.

  • Citations

  • Build a network of locally-relevant links 

  • Google My Business profile optimization

Generate some buzz

Once your website is communicating clearly with Google, the world needs to know about it.

  • Get featured in press releases that typically generate +400 powerful links 

  • Follow up with impactful social media campaign to signal to Google that your business is worth talking about.

Location expansion

If you want your business to appear in more local or wider national search results.

  • We create location pages for each of your services in more granular OR wider geographical areas

  • Depends on search volume. 

  • Whether your goal is to be discovered in Springfield MA, New York, NY or the whole of California. 

High quality content

The key to successful SEO is content - and lots of it. We build your site into a valuable piece of real estate.

  • Keyword research

  • High quality content 

  • SEO optimized

Boost your authority

We seek out and build high quality links to your website on an industrial scale. 

  • Up to 100 links per month.

  • Includes high domain authority links, which boosts your site's authority and credibility in the eyes of Google.

Not sure what you need?

Book a 60-minute SEO consultation with our founder Claire. 

You'll talk about:

  • Your overall goals for your business

  • What SEO strategies would best suit those goals

  • How you can achieve them with your in-house team

  • What you might want to outsource (either to me, or someone else)

After our call, Claire will share with you a comprehensive checklist of actions you can take to boost you own website's SEO.

If you choose to move forward with any of the monthly packages or ad hoc service options, the cost of our initial consultation call will be counted towards that. 


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