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SEO and Storytelling

Imagine you could implement one SEO task per week for your business?

And it didn’t have to take all day.

It would feel pretty manageable, right? Not so overwhelming.

So many people get stuck with SEO because they don’t know where to start, or they feel overwhelmed at the enormity of the task before them.

And it makes me so sad to see this, because there’s so much great expertise out there, and business owners aren’t sharing it – or they are sharing it, but they aren’t getting the full benefit of that expertise reflected in their search ranking.

Well the good news is, we’ve created a newsletter that helps you with exactly that.

This works for anyone who has a website, and who wants to get more organic traffic from Google.

You’ll get one actionable SEO tip delivered per week to your inbox.

So you know what to do that week, and why it’s important.

So if you follow along with us, your SEO will be on the up and up in no time.

And of course, it’s absolutely FREE, and always will be.

It’s called SEO & Storytelling. 

The reason for this title: stories have power.

I’ve built my whole career around stories – including stints writing and editing books for children, and being a 3x published author with Penguin Random House.

I never planned to end up in business, I really didn’t. I wanted to write and read stories for the rest of my life.

But then I realized just how much of business, and life, is storytelling.

Once I realized I could weave stories into business, my world became so much bigger.

And business became exciting.

Stories bring joy, and they help us to learn and absorb information so much better than dry informational copy (and let’s face it, there’s so much of that already out there).

So I’ll do my best to tell you an SEO story once a week.

I can’t promise you it will always have romance, dragons, or robots.

But they might do sometimes.

And it will always be actionable and useful.

So if that sounds like your kind of thing.

I’ll drop a link in the comments below to sign up.

Or head to our website and scroll right to the bottom of the page for the signup box.


My name's Claire and I’m an SEO and content strategy expert. I help startups and ambitious businesses improve their content, so that customers can find your website in search, and so that when they do, they convert.


I’m a former startup CEO, and I’ve worked for some of the world’s biggest publishers (Penguin Random House, Oxford University Press), as well as training with Google's in-house SEO team. I even built a website to attract 45k in organic search visitors/month. Drop me a line if you need help of any kind with SEO and content.


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We've trained alongside Google's in-house SEO team, worked on some of the highest trafficked websites in the world, and built our own businesses from zero to tens of thousands of dollars in organic visitors per month, and millions of dollars in revenue.

We don't just know SEO. We know how to make it convert.

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