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How to get low intent traffic to convert

"80% of internet searches are informational in nature.

That means that 80% of the time, someone is searching for information and not thinking about making a purchase. They’re in research or fact-finding mode.

From a conversion perspective, we call this ‘low intent’ traffic.

Lots of websites attract traffic that we class as ‘low intent’. And this is great! But lots of business owners whose sites attract lots of low-intent traffic often feel frustrated that their website isn’t converting.

However, the first thing to remember is that low intent traffic isn’t looking to convert. So if you go in with the hard sell, you’re probably just going to alienate your potential buyer. They’ll bounce and you’ll never see them again.

But it is absolutely possible to get low-intent traffic to convert.

It just usually isn’t on the first visit, or the second, or the third.

So you have to think longer-term about your user journey. And you have to really nurture those leads.

So a much better approach to take is to create the best, most authoritative content you can, so that you instantly become an authority in the eyes of your low-intent searcher.

Here’s how to get low intent traffic to convert:

💡 Identify which pages of your website attract low-intent traffic

💡 On each of those pages, make sure the article demonstrates your authority and expertise in your domain.

💡 At the end of each article, include a summary of your brand, what you do, and who your products or services help.

💡 Make sure your content isn’t overly salesy or pushy, so as not to alienate your audience. Make sure that ‘purchase’ isn’t the primary option available to your new-found potential customer.

💡 Make sure you include links to your relevant service pages, and reasons for them to visit them (think how this is useful to them, and tell them what they will learn there).

💡 On each of those pages, make there is a link to your mailing list/lead magnet/Facebook group, or low-pressure way for them to maintain contact with your brand.

💡 Provide links to other relevant and related pages of your website.

Yes, it’s a long game, but it’s a much better way to develop a deeper relationship with your audience.

If you’d like some pointers on how to improve your own low-intent pages, feel free to drop a link in the comments and we’ll share some personalized tips for your site.


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