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Sunset and Palm Trees

Copywriting services

You've built a business from scratch. That's an absolutely amazing achievement, and a challenge that most people would never even dare to take on.

As CEO, your priority always has to be to grow the business, and to ensure sufficient cashflow. It can be really hard to find time to do everything that's required of you. There's a constant feeling that you should be doing something to move your business forward. It can feel impossible to take a break. You can quickly lose that feeling of 'aloha', and your business can start to feel like an energy drain, rather than the exciting and novel project it was when you started it.

Sometimes you just need someone to take copywriting off your plate. Here's what I can do to help restore that balance to your business:

  • Understand your brand and goals for your website and business.

  • Clarify your brand voice and messaging.

  • Review of the existing website and content.

  • Wireframes to demonstrate changes to existing pages 

  • Wireframes for new pages.

  • On-page funnel design.

  • Email campaign strategy.

  • SEO optimization of your site.

  • Organic and paid social media content strategy.

My beginnings as a copywriter

I haven't always been a copywriter. 

Sure, I've been a writer all my life, but copywriting is a very different skill, and one I learned much later on.

I trained with some of the most prestigious publishers on the planet. I was commissioned by Ladybird from Penguin Random House to write several books, and I worked at Oxford Dictionaries. So I learned from the best.

But that just taught me how to communicate clearly and effectively. It didn't teach me how to generate sales.

I learned that bit when I quit my comfortable and safe job in publishing, and decided to launch my own eCommerce company. I built the business from scratch, using only words and (very limited) design skills.


A lot of what I did failed to resonate with people. I didn't know who my audience was, or who I was talking to. It took me months to make my first sale.


But then.... someone bought something.


And soon after, so did someone else.


And someone else. 


I studied these people and learned as much about them as I could. I tried to get inside their heads and I wrote copy especially for them.

And it started to work. I kept writing. And writing. And writing.

The better I understood my audience, the more sales I made, until eventually, I felt I had cracked the sales funnel and brand voice. Luckily, a VC company thought so too, and agreed to back my business, so I was able to keep growing.

By this point, my content was generating millions of dollars in sales for my business, not to mention thousands of organic visitors each month. 

It was a long old journey to get there, and I continue to invest heavily in myself in order to improve my copywriting skills.

Nowadays, as a freelancer, I'm so happy that I get to share all the shortcuts I learned with my clients, and that I get to work with varied and inspirational brands all the time.

Here are some of the highlights from my copywriting career:

  • Generated millions of dollars in sales through content marketing.

  • Generated £15k in under 3 hours from a single email.

  • Above average open rate and conversion rate through email content.

  • Generated 45k organic visitors/month.

  • Ranked in 1st position on Google for over 250 keywords.

  • Ranked in Google for over 12k keywords.

Release the pressure

Give yourself the gift of 'aloha'.

I offer a range of services that can be tailored to your business. No job is too big or too small! Drop me a line to see how we can work together.


Free SEO blog post template

Get the exact Search-Engine-Optimized blog template that I used to build my site to 45k organic monthly visitors.

As well as occasional nuggets of wisdom from me.

Got it! Welcome!

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