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SEO for nanny agencies

We get you more ideal clients through search

Help more ideal families find your business

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This is how we've already helped high end nanny agencies just like yours...



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We specialize in generating organic leads for high end nanny agencies

If you’re a company that recruits and places exceptional nannies, we’d love to help you grow your revenue.


Whether your focus is local, national or international, we have proven strategies and tactics that will increase the number of prospective families approaching your business.

We'll let some of our nanny agency clients speak for us...


Here's how we do it

We follow a clear 7-step process with all our clients to ensure results.

Step 1: Learn

We take the time to really get to know your nanny agency, your target families, and your target market, through conversations with you and your team, and our own research.


We dive deep into data, research keyword volume, difficulty, and competition for high intent keywords to ensure we identify keywords with the highest revenue potential for your business.


Step 2: Strategize

We use all the information gathered in Step 1 to create a strategy that is tailored and unique to your business,  designed around your specific business goals.

Step 3: Get your site communicating with Google

The first step in any successful relationship is communication.


Until your website is communicating effectively with Google, your site won’t get found for high intent keywords.


This stage is called on-page SEO, and it involves implementing changes to your website to ensure that not just Google, but also your highest priority customers, are absolutely clear on what your business does, where you’re based, and who you serve.

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Step 4: Optimize for conversion

Once your site is communicating well with Google, the next and equally essential step is to ensure your site can start to help you convert the new leads that will start to land on your site.



We are experts in conversion. We know what user experiences you need to have on your site, the language you need to use in order to give them the confidence to connect with you, and the pages and buttons to leverage to make contacting you as easy as possible.

Step 5: Connect your site to the world

From this step onwards, we start to build authority and trustworthiness of your website in the eyes of Google.


We use whitehat techniques to build high value links to your site that signal to Google that your business is active, authoritative, and credible.

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Step 6: Build credibility

We load your site with evidence of your authority in your chosen field, through consistently publishing high quality content that demonstrate your expertise, as well as through strategically chosen collaborations and partnerships.

Step 7: Regular review

We regularly review the progress your site is making through monthly reports that we share with you, in clear and understandable language.

Reviewing Proposal

Why choose Aloha Life Digital to be your SEO growth partner?


True expertise

Our expertise was built in the real world.

Our Founder Claire is an award-winning entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience of digital marketing. She’s built online businesses for over 10 years, made millions of dollars in sales, and built a business that attracted over 45k organic visitors/month.


Add to that our sector-specific experience of generating impressive results for nanny agencies, and you have a pretty unique combination of expertise and skills.


Attention to detail

We’ve worked with the likes of Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House, Amazon, Google and Apple. So we know high quality content like few other agencies do.


Our standards are exceptionally high.

And this goes beyond just our work; it permeates everything we do, including our communication with you and your team, and in execution on your projects.


Conversion expertise

A lot of SEO companies know how to drive traffic to your site, but don’t know how to get it to convert. Without conversion, SEO is powerless.

Conversion is our expertise and passion.

We have the full suite of digital skills to help you ensure that, once you have people landing on your website, that they convert to high potential leads for you to run with.



As a company, the following values are at the core of all we do:




We want every one of our clients to have the best experience working with us; both in terms of tangible results that impact the bottom line, and exceptional customer care.

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SEO services

Technical SEO

Google loves sites that are technically sound.

We review the health of your website, diagnose the source of any issues, and get them fixed.

Goodbye gremlins.

Full service SEO

We offer full-service, done-for-you SEO that gets results.

This is our flagship offering that combines all of the services you see on this page, in just the right measure, to get your site to the top.

Local SEO

We are experts in getting local businesses to the top of Google’s rankings. Whether you want to be found in Winchester, UK, New York City, or California, we’ve got the skills and track record to get you there.

Link building

Link building is such a crucial part of building Google’s trust in your website. We deploy various link building techniques to achieve a perfect balance authoritative and credible links to your site.

Conversion optimization

The first step of any significant SEO project is to ensure that when traffic lands on your site, that it’s going to convert. We will review your site, and get it converting as you always hoped it would.

On-page SEO

The first step in any SEO process should always be to optimize the content you have on your website. We’ll research and identify the best target keywords, apply them to your site, and get you on Google's radar.

Ready to grow your nanny agency?

We would love to help you. Drop us a line today.

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