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Where we learned our SEO skills

It’s been a while since I introduced myself, and I’ve never really told my SEO origin story anywhere, so here goes:

I’m Claire, and I run a boutique SEO agency called Aloha Life Digital, based in Somerville, MA.

I’m originally from the UK (yep, the accent instantly gives it away, but you can’t hear that over email), and have been living over here in the good old US of A for just over 6 years now.

I love this country SO MUCH and especially love adventuring to new places with my husband Pete and Beagle Cocoa (yep, that’s her in the picture).

I didn’t start my career working in SEO. I studied French, German and Spanish at Uni, and after that worked as a writer and editor for the likes of Oxford University Press and Penguin Random House.

While I was living in Oxford, I was assigned to work on one of the biggest websites in the UK. It got around 11m visitors/month from search.

Because this website was so big, and because Oxford Dictionaries has such an incredible reputation for high quality content, the Google team took a vested interest in this website, and on occasion they would even train me and my team on best practices for SEO. (I was so stoked to be in that room, you wouldn’t believe! I learned so much.)

So I learned a lot about good SEO practices directly from them, and saw how things were implemented at scale on a high performing website.

Fast forward a few years, and I quit my job in publishing to launch my own ecommerce business.

Because it came very naturally to me, and because I’d been building my own blogs for many years outside of work, when creating content for that website, I implemented all the best practices I had learned about from Oxford and from Google on the website for this business.

SEO wasn’t the main acquisition channel, but over the course of 5 years, it ended up attracting on average over 45k organic search visitors to the website each month.

I raised over a million dollars in VC funding to grow the business, and it ended up generating millions of dollars in revenue over the course of 6 years (not just from search – we used many different channels, including ads and email, to generate sales).

In 2021, I was awarded regional winner of Great British Startup Entrepreneur of the Year (it’s a big deal over there and voted on by a panel of industry experts).

That business was sold in June 2022, and I started Aloha Life Digital the following November, the day before my 41st birthday. 

Aloha Life Digital started out as a vehicle for me to provide my digital marketing and copywriting skills to people within my network as a freelancer, but very quickly it became clear to me that I had zero interest in spending the next 10 years as a copywriter. The number one thing people wanted from me was my SEO expertise.

So in October 2023, I decided to go all-in on SEO, and I converted all our offerings to SEO packages. Aloha Life Digital became a full-service agency.

It’s still early days, but we have already started to add some truly brilliant businesses to our books. Our clients are getting incredible, life-changing results, and nothing could make me happier.

And our own website just got to first position for our services in my home city of Somerville, as well as the city next door (Cambridge).

It’ll take a little longer to get to the top 5 in a major city like Boston, but (like any good SEO client), I’m trusting the process and I’m in this for the long haul.

So I hope you have a bit of a better idea about who I am and where I’ve come from, as well as my background in SEO.

Aloha Life Digital primarily provides high impact SEO services to ambitious businesses that are really looking to grow their client base and revenue: that’s where we can add the most value. But we also help out on ad hoc projects with SEO setup, technical SEO and SEO content strategy too.

So if you need help of any kind in SEO, no matter where your business is at, you know where to find me.


My name's Claire and I’m an SEO and content strategy expert. I help startups and ambitious businesses improve their content, so that customers can find your website in search, and so that when they do, they convert.


I’m a former startup CEO, and I’ve worked for some of the world’s biggest publishers (Penguin Random House, Oxford University Press), as well as training with Google's in-house SEO team. I even built a website to attract 45k in organic search visitors/month. Drop me a line if you need help of any kind with SEO and content.


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