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Is targeting a smaller area better for my business?

A lot of people I work with are based in and around Boston.

And there's a lot of prestige around getting to the top of the search results for such a large city.

But sometimes, there are nuggets of gold in different neighborhoods in and around major citites like this, so it's really important we don't ignore them, as they can be huge advantages for local businesses.

These smaller geographical areas are often overlooked because they're lower in population, or perhaps less obvious as targets, but they also come with huge advantages:

  • Less competition.

  • More relevant traffic.

  • You can become a true local authority.

  • Cost-effective. It's often cheaper and less resource-intensive to target a smaller geographical area.

  • Better user experience. People are more likely to interact with your site if the content is highly relevant to them.

  • Quicker results. With less competition and a more focused approach, you can feasibly stand to see an improvement in your rankings in a shorter timeframe.

Of course, this doesn't apply to all businesses, so only apply these rules if they are relevant to your company.


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