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Is SEO slow?

SEO doesn't have to be slow.

A lot of the time, we hear SEO compared to a marathon.

'It's a marathon, not a sprint.'

Sound familiar?

And it is true, you need to buckle in for the long haul to see the true long-term benefits of SEO.

BUT so often, when I start working with a client, the first thing we do it on page SEO.

It's the first and fundamental step to any SEO process. I won't do anything else until we've perfected their on-page SEO.

And the number of times we see their businesses flying up through the rankings in the next 2-3 weeks kind of blows my mind.

It doesn't happen every time, but it tells me a lot about how a business has been previously held back by its lack of SEO awareness, or by an incorrect SEO implementation.

And other times, we start building local links for a business, and all of a sudden they're in the top 5 without even blinking.

Of course, it doesn't always happen that way. The bigger the city, the longer it usually takes.

As an SEO expert, half my job is managing client expectations. It's always so hard to get it right there are so many factors you can't control. I can't be overoptimistic because I don't want to mislead them; but I do love it when things happen faster than expected.


My name's Claire and I’m an SEO and content strategy expert. I help startups and ambitious businesses improve their content, so that customers can find your website in search, and so that when they do, they convert.


I’m a former startup CEO, and I’ve worked for some of the world’s biggest publishers (Penguin Random House, Oxford University Press), as well as training with Google's in-house SEO team. I even built a website to attract 45k in organic search visitors/month. Drop me a line if you need help of any kind with SEO and content.


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We don't just know SEO. We know how to make it convert.

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