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Content marketing strategy

You've built a brilliant business, and a product. You know there's a market.

Now, you have to shout about it! 

But that's harder said than done. Sometimes, it isn't obvious what to do. And when it is (yay!), you don't have the time to do it (boo!).

I know, I've been there. This is how I can help: 

  • Marketing strategy development: which channels to target, which to ignore. Which ones to dial up, which ones to dial down.

  • Creation of a marketing plan for your business for you and your team to implement.

  • Email sequence setup or optimization.

  • Cross-platform campaign strategy and creation

  • Email lead capture setup and nurture.

  • Content creation: I will run alongside you at a high level, or get right down in the weeds into the detail, if that's what you need. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.

  • Recommendation of retention tactics.

  • Recommendation for PPC optimisation*.

*A note on execution

I am delighted to assist with execution of your Marketing projects, but please note that I am not a paid ads expert. You should only ever hire an ads specialist to manage your paid Social Media channels, and that is not me.

However, I know some people who are truly excellent in this department, and will gladly connect clients with them.

There's no secret to marketing

I've worked in eCommerce and marketing for ten years, and content development for 18 years. I know there are no shortcuts. But there are no secrets, either. There's a lot of trial and improvement, and once you figure out what works for your audience, you do more of that.

I've been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented advisors in the ecommerce industry, and with entrepreneurs who run their own huge online businesses. They've shown me the behind the scenes of their businesses and shown me the mistakes they made and the optimal routes they'd learned through trial and error. I know a whole host of shortcuts to accelerate growth in your business too.

Some of my proudest Marketing achievements are as follows:

  • Grew revenue from $10k --> $100k in just six weeks.

  • Generated $20k in revenue in 3 hours from a single email.

  • Average 50% email open rate for welcome sequence.

  • Average +30% email open rate for newsletters.

  • Built email list from zero to 75k subscribers.

  • Cold email capture 15% conversion rate (on-screen popup).

  • Reduced churn from 25% to 6% in 3 months.

  • I've also overseen ad spend of $50k per month, consistently seeing 3-5x ROAS and even as high as 20x on individual campaigns.

Let's get customers flocking to you

Need more customers for your business?

Let's get together and figure out a plan.

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Free SEO blog post template

Get the exact Search-Engine-Optimized blog template that I used to build my site to 45k organic monthly visitors.

As well as occasional nuggets of wisdom from me.

Got it! Welcome!

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